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New Law Library Acquisitions - March 2013  

Selected new titles added to the Law Library's collection in March 2013.
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Advanced criminal procedure : cases, comments and questions - Yale Kamisar
Call Number: KF9619 .A72 2012
ISBN: 9780314911681
Publication Date: 2012
Contents: pt. 1. Introduction -- pt. 3. The commencement of formal proceedings -- pt. 4. The adversary system and the determination of guilt or innocence -- pt. 5. Appeals, post-conviction review

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The Advisor's guide to long-term care - R. David Watros and Erik T. Reynolds, editors
Call Number: KF3826.N8 A73 2013
ISBN: 1614389004
Publication Date: 2013
Description: Waiting to address long-term care needs until the point one actually needs care is too late, as it significantly impacts a client's financial situation, quality of life of their loved ones, and their ability to maintain their independence. Incorporating long-term care insurance into the financial plan can ultimately help protect assets reduce the burden of care that would otherwise fall on family members, and enable the client to receive care in the setting they most prefer, including their home. The Advisor's Guide to Long-Term Care looks at the full range of the topic, explaining how to best use it in the estate plan as a prudent risk-management choice. From the publisher.

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Animal minds, animal souls, animal rights - James V. Parker
Call Number: HV4708 .P37 2010
ISBN: 9780761851776
Publication Date: 2010
Contents: Machine generated contents note: Animal Interests -- Animal Beliefs and Desires -- Consciousness and Cognition -- Desires and Values -- Human and Animal Minds -- Animal Rights -- God's Rights -- Animal Souls -- The Bible -- Animals in Western Thought -- Beyond Animal Rights: A Delicate Stewardship

Cover Art
The Arab spring : new patterns for democracy and international law - Carlo Panara and Gary Wilson, editors
Call Number: KMC128.5 .A73 2013
ISBN: 9789004230415
Publication Date: 2013
Summary: Explores a number of critical issues brought to the forefront of the international community as a result of the uprisings which began in the Middle East and North Africa in early 2011. Particularly prominent among these are issues concerning the right to democracy within international law, self-determination, recognition of newly installed governments, the use of force for humanitarian purposes, protection of human rights, and the prosecution of international crimes. From the publisher.

Cover Art
Civil procedure in a nutshell - Mary Kay Kane
Call Number: KF8841 .K36 2013
ISBN: 9780314285881
Publication Date: 2013
Contents: Choosing the proper court -- Pretrial: framing the litigation -- Adjudication without trial -- The trial -- Judgments and their effects -- Appeals -- Specialized multi-party/multi-claim proceedings -- Other special problems in federal litigation

Cover Art
The cove - Lionsgate ; Roadside Attractions ; Participant Media ; Oceanic Preservation Society presents a Jim Clark production in association with Diamond Docs and Skyfish Films ; written by Mark Monroe ; producers, Paula Dupré Pesmen, Fisher Stevens ; directed by
Call Number: LDVD 77 Circ/Reserve
Publication Date: 2009
Summary: In a sleepy lagoon off the coast of Japan is a highly guarded secret. During the night, Taiji fishermen engage in an unseen hunt for thousands of dolphins. The work is so horrifying, the fishermen will stop at nothing to keep it hidden from the outside world. When a team of elite activists, filmmakers, and free-divers embark on a secret mission to penetrate their cover, the shocking discoveries they find there are just the tip of the iceberg

Cover Art
Energy, utility, transportation and environmental law for the 21st century : a collection - Peter V. Lacouture, editor
Call Number: KF2094 .E54 2013
ISBN: 161438939X
Publication Date: 2013
Contents: Federal tax credits and incentives for renewable energy investments / Jonathan B. Wilson -- The conundrum of multistate electric transmission expansion : who will pay? / Michael J. Thompson -- Environmental regulatory impacts on renewable energy / Robert L. Brubaker -- Building and paying for new transmission needed to get renewable energy to market / Kenneth B. Driver -- Smart grid : will it get renewables to market and promote energy efficiency? / Dorothy Black Franzoni and Caileen N. Gamache, assisted by Michael L. O'Neill -- A roadmap to the greenhouse gas regulatory revolution / Allen A. Kacenjar, Jr. and D. Alan Lindsey -- Comments of the EPA on climate change / Scott Fulton -- Renewable portfolio standards : progress and challenges / Thomas P. Gadsden -- More lessons from the state level : Texas / Casey Wren -- New nuclear power : opportunities and challenges / Jay M. Gutierrez and Stephen J. Burdick -- The NRC's improved licensing process for commercial nuclear power plants in theory and practice / M. Stanford Blanton, William A. Graham, Jr., and Millicent W. Ronnlund -- Nuclear power after Fukushima / Richard A. Meserve -- Telecom : the future meets the past / By Gerald A. Connell, Michael D. McNeely, and John C. Peirce -- Net neutrality : point and counterpoint / Theodore A. Livingston and Christian F. Binnig -- Whither white spaces? / Andrew Vahid Moshirnia -- Can arbitration agreements really bar class actions? : how will lower courts interpret AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion? / John C. Peirce and Mark C. Darrell -- Board addresses transportation of hazardous materials by rail / Linda S. Stein and Kathryn J. Gainey -- High-speed rail on the "fast track" / Hon. Richard D. Cudahy -- The market approach : the best approach? / Chris Fortier -- Antitrust developments in the aviation industry / Malcolm L. Benge -- Overlapping jurisdiction : merger review in energy and transportation industries / J. Bruce McDonald -- China : a mighty thirst / Hon. Richard D. Cudahy -- The stimulus bill and the electric industry / Lisa Wing Stone and Katrina Robson -- Climate change regulation : a significant challenge for nisource and other energy companies in the 21st century / Carrie J. Hightman and Margaret E. Rice -- The emerging impacts of shale gas resources / John W. Rowe and Ed Fortunato -- Blowing in the wind : difficult issues facing wind generation / Charles A. Patrizia, Candice Castaneda, and Alexandra D. Konieczny -- Liabilities facing developers of wind farms on the outer continental shelf / John J. Reilly and Carine M. Williams -- Alfred Kahn on his 90th birthday : the birth of deregulation / Hon. Richard D. Cudahy -- The Dodd-Frank Act : why utilities need to understand the CFTC / Patricia Dondanville and Melody R. Cross (formerly Barron) -- Debt ceiling debate portends corporate tax reform / David R. Hardy and Martha Groves Pugh -- A book review : Daniel Yergin's "The quest" / Hon. Richard D. Cudahy

Cover Art
Equitable remedies, restitution, and damages : cases and materials - Candace S. Kovacic-Fleischer, Jean C. Love, Grant S. Nelson
Call Number: KF9010 .L43 2011
ISBN: 0314194932
Publication Date: 2011
Contents: Introduction to remedies -- Basic principles of specific equitable remedies -- Basic principles of damages -- Basic principles of restitution and unjust enrichment -- Declaratory judgments -- Remedies for selected tortious wrongs -- Remedies for breach of contract and fraud -- Law and equity merger : jury trial and related problems

Cover Art
The essentials of merger review - Susana Cabrera, editor
Call Number: K3850 .E85 2013
ISBN: 9781614388487
Publication Date: 2013
Summary: The Essentials of Merger Review provides detailed descriptions of antitrust and competition laws regulating mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and other relevant transactions in more than 60 jurisdictions...

Cover Art
An innocent man - Touchstone Pictures presents in association with Silver Screen Partners IV ; an Interscope Communications production, a Peter Yates film ; producers, Ted Field, Robert W. Cort ; writer, Larry Brothers ; director, Peter Yates
Call Number: LDVD 76 Circ/Reserve
ISBN: B00008978T
Publication Date: 1989
A man is framed as a drug dealer and sent to prison by a pair of crooked cops. He tries to prove his innocence, but everyone in jail claims they were framed.

Cover Art
In the smaller scope of conscience : the struggle for national repatriation legislation, 1986-1990 - C. Timothy McKeown
Call Number: KF8210.A57 M38 2012
ISBN: 9780816526871
Publication Date: 2012
Summary: "In 1989, The National Museum of the American Indian Act (NMAIA) was successfully passed after a long and intense struggle. One year later, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) followed. These federal repatriation statutes--arguably some of the most important laws in the history of anthropology, museology, and American Indian rights--enabled Native Americans to reclaim human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, and objects of cultural patrimony. Twenty years later, the controversy instigated by the creation of NMAIA and NAGPRA continues to simmer. In the Smaller Scope of Conscience is a thoughtful and detailed study of the ins and outs of the four-year process behind these laws. It is a singular contribution to the history of these issues, with the potential to help mediate the ongoing debate by encouraging all sides to retrace the steps of the legislators responsible for the acts. Few works are as detailed as McKeown's account, which looks into bills that came prior to NMAIA and NAGPRA and combs the legislative history for relevant reports and correspondence. Testimonies, documents, and interviews from the primary players of this legislative process are cited to offer insights into the drafting and political processes that shaped NMAIA and NAGPRA. Above all else, this landmark work distinguishes itself from earlier legislative histories with the quality of its analysis. Invested and yet evenhanded in his narrative, McKeown ensures that this journey through history--through the strategies and struggles of different actors to effect change through federal legislation--is not only accurate but eminently intriguing"-- Provided by publisher

Cover Art
International family law : conventions, statutes, and regulatory materials - D. Marianne Blair, Merle H. Weiner
Call Number: K670 .B583 2009
ISBN: 1594605653
Publication Date: 2010
Summary: This paperback book was created to assist American law students and attorneys who are studying or practicing international family law. It was designed to supplement any U.S. law course on private or public international family law, whether the course utilizes the authors' own casebook or other materials. The book contains the principal global and regional multilateral conventions and human rights declarations pertinent to familial rights, obligations, and conflicts, edited for educational use. The book also includes selected U.S. federal statutes and regulations related to international family law matters, as well as the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act and the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement. Provided by the publisher.

Cover Art
International labor law : cases and materials on workers' rights in the global economy - James Atleson
Call Number: K1705 .I543 2008
ISBN: 0314169180
Publication Date: 2008
Summary: Comprehensive in scope, International Labor Law examines labor rights and labor standards in multilateral and regional institutions like the WTO, ILO, OECD and the European Union; regional and bilateral trade agreements like NAFTA and more recent bilateral agreements with developing countries; the new labor-trade "template" in U.S. trade policy; and private initiatives like anti-sweatshop campaigns and corporate codes of conduct. Thematic chapters deal with labor rights lawsuits in U.S. courts; cross-border labor organizing and bargaining ; migrant workers; women workers in the global economy, and child labor. Provided by the publisher.

Cover Art
Introduction to international criminal law - M. Cherif Bassiouni
Call Number: KZ7000 .B37 2013
ISBN: 9789004186446
Publication Date: 2013
Contents: The discipline of ICL -- The subjects of international criminal law : ratione personae -- International crimes : ratione materiae -- Principles of criminal responsibility : the general part -- The "indirect enforcement system" : modalities of international cooperation in penal matters -- The "direct enforcement system" : history of international criminal investigations and prosecutions -- The International Criminal Court : a hybrid "direct enforcement system" -- Mixed models of international criminal justice -- The "procedural part" of ICL : procedural and evidentiary norms applicable to international criminal proceedings -- International criminal justice in the age of globalization -- Reflections on international criminal justice : past and future -- A historical review and quantitative analysis of international criminal justice

Cover Art
Isaiah Berlin : a life - Michael Ignatieff
Call Number: B1618.B454 I45 1999
ISBN: 0805063005
Publication Date: 1999
Summary: A biography of the Soviet-born British philosopher describes how he was shaped by the politics and culture of his time, and his contributions to contemporary liberal philosophy.

Cover Art
Labor law in the contemporary workplace - Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt
Call Number: KF3369 .L35 2009
ISBN: 0314166777
Publication Date: 2009
Summary: This book prepares students for the practice of labor law in the contemporary workplace by introducing them to the basic principles of American labor law and many of the exciting issues that labor attorneys face. The book varies from existing casebooks in several respects. First, the book is organized around contemporary problems as a means of teaching the core principles of labor law. Second, although the primary focus of the book is the National Labor Relations Act, considerable attention is given to the Railway Labor Act and public sector labor laws because of their growing relative importance in contemporary practice. Third, the book examines the intersection of the practice of labor law with anti-discrimination laws, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Finally, the book examines the problems of labor practice in the global economy and includes examples that touch on international problems and law. Provided by the publisher.

Cover Art
Labor law stories - Laura J. Cooper and Catherine L. Fisk, editors
Call Number: KF3368 .L34 2005
ISBN: 1587788756
Publication Date: 2005
Contents: The enduring power of collective rights / Laura J. Cooper & Catherine L. Fisk -- The story of NLRB v. Mackay Radio & Telegraph Co. : the high cost of solidarity / Julius G. Getman and Thomas C. Kohler -- The story of Steele v. Louisville & Nashville Railroad : white unions, black unions, and the struggle for racial justice on the rails / Deborah C. Malamud -- The story of NLRB v. Truitt Manufacturing Co. and NLRB v. Insurance Agents' International Union : the duty to bargain in good faith / Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt -- The Steelworkers' Trilogy : the evolution of labor arbitration / Katherine V.W. Stone -- The Story of NLRB v. Gissel Packing : the practical limits of paternalism / Laura J. Cooper and Dennis R. Nolan -- The story of Emporium Capwell : civil rights, collective action, and the constraints of union power / Calvin William Sharpe, Marion G. Crain & Reuel E. Schiller -- The story of First National Maintenance Corp. v. NLRB : eliminating bargaining for low-wage service workers / Alan Hyde -- The story of Electromation : are employee participation programs a competitive necessity or a wolf in sheep's clothing? / Robert B. Moberly -- Kentucky River at the intersection of professional and supervisory status : fertile delta or Bermuda triangle? / Marley S. Weiss -- The story of Hoffman Plastic Compounds, Inc. v. NLRB : labor rights without remedies for undocumented immigrants / Catherine L. Fisk & Michael J. Wishnie

Cover Art
Labor relations law : cases and materials - Theodore J. St. Antoine, Charles B. Craver, Marion G. Crain
Call Number: KF3368 .L35 2011
ISBN: 142249036X
Publication Date: 2011
Contents: Pt. 1. Introduction and historical background -- Pt. 2. Organization and representation of employees -- Pt. 3. Union collective action -- Pt. 4. Collective bargaining -- Pt. 5. Internal union affairs -- Pt. 6. Critiques and proposals for labor law reform

Cover Art
Law abiding citizen - Overture Films and the Film Department presents Warp Film in association with Evil Twins ; produced by Lucas Foster, Gerard Butler, Alan Siegel, Mark Gill, Kurt Wimmer, Robert Katz ; written by Kurt Wimmer ; directed by F. Gary Gray
Call Number: LDVD 73 Cric/Reserve
Publication Date: 2010
Summary: Clyde Shelton is a brilliant planner and inventor. One night two robbers invade his Philadelphia home and brutally kill his wife and daughter, almost killing him. When the killers are caught, Assistant DA Nick Rice is assigned the case. Nick makes a deal with one of the killers to testify against his partner for a 10 year plea bargain prison sentence. Clyde doesn't want Nick to make the deal, but Nick says the deal is done. The other killer gets the death penalty. After 10 years, the other killer is released from prison, and he soon ends up dead. Clyde is arrested and vaguely admits to Nick that he did it. Clyde is put in jail, and he warns Nick that he must fix the broken justice system that failed him and his family or else anyone connected to his case will soon die. Even from jail, Clyde's threats become a reality, and Nick must stop Clyde before his family is next.

Cover Art
Legitimate target : a criteria-based approach to targeted killing - Amos N. Guiora
Call Number: KZ6373.2 .G85 2013
ISBN: 0199969736
Publication Date: 2013
Contents: An introduction -- Targeted killing -- Historical background -- The criteria-based approach : step one : the source -- The criteria-based approach : step two : the target -- The practicalities of targeted killing -- Morality -- Looking forward

Cover Art
Liar liar - Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment present a Brian Grazer production ; a Tom Shadyac film ; written by Paul Guay & Stephen Mazur ; produced by Brian Grazer ; directed by Tom Shadyac
Call Number: LDVD 78 Circ/Reserve
ISBN: 0783235070
Publication Date: 1997
Summary: Fletcher Reede is a fast-talking attorney and habitual liar. When his son Max blows out the candles on this fifth birthday cake, Max has just one wish-- that his dad stop lying for 24 hours. When his son's wish comes true, Fletcher discovers that his biggest asset, his mouth, has become his biggest liability.

Cover Art
Manual of style for contract drafting - Kenneth A. Adams
Call Number: KF807 .A33 2013
ISBN: 9781614388036
Publication Date: 2013
Contents: The characteristics of optimal contract language -- The front of the contract -- Categories of contract language -- Layout -- The back of the contract -- Defined terms -- Sources of uncertainty in contract language -- "reasonable efforts" and its variants -- "material" and "material adverse change" -- References to time -- Ambiguity of the part versus the whole -- Syntactic ambiguity -- Selected usages -- Numbers and formulas -- Provisions specifying drafting conventions -- Typography -- Drafting as writing -- Amendments -- Letter agreements -- Drafting corporate resolutions

Cover Art
Morality, politics, and law - Michael J. Perry
Call Number: KF4552 .P47 1990
ISBN: 9780195064568
Publication Date: 1990
Summary: Addressing the proper relation of moral and religious belief to politics and law, especially constitutional law, Perry here discusses whether a common moral foundation exists that is capable of providing, in a diverse social system like ours, consistent guidelines for handling divisive political, policy, religious and constitutional disputes. His study represents a distinctive position in the vast and growing literature on the moral foundations of liberal political and legal life. Provided by the publisher.

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Practical global family law : United States, China, and Italy - Janet Leach Richards, Chen Wei (with Lei Wenbi, Pi Xijun, and Ran Qiyu), Lorella dal Pezzo
Call Number: K670 .R53 2009
ISBN: 9781594604348
Publication Date: 2009
Contents: Roadmap to a contextual comparative law journey -- Three legal systems on three continents -- Sources of law -- Case facts -- Whether to divorce : the divorce process -- Grounds for divorce -- Child custody and visitation -- Child support -- Property division -- Spousal support -- Additional considerations : antenuptial agreements, settlement agreements, appeals, attorney fees -- Closing perspectives : the final divorce decree

Cover Art
A practical guide to international family law - David Hodson ; with contributions by Nadine Finch, Katharine Landells, Nazia Rashid
Call Number: K670 .H63x 2008
ISBN: 9781846610943
Publication Date: 2008
Summary: As a consequence of the increased mobility of families between different countries, family lawyers are now frequently faced by cases with an international element. Such cases may relate to any of the whole range of family law issues, and the applicable law is often difficult to ascertain...A sampling of the subjects covered include: recognition of foreign marriages and divorces --- enforcement in Europe and reciprocal enforcement worldwide --- obtaining evidence from abroad --- the UK's Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984, Part III: Financial Relief in UK after Overseas Divorce --- child abduction under Hague Convention and Brussels II --- international adoption --- immigration issues --- distinctive aspects of Islamic law --- cohabitation and same-sex relationships --- and many more. From the publisher.

Cover Art
Race, rape, and injustice : documenting and challenging death penalty cases in the civil rights era - Barrett J. Foerster, editor
Call Number: KF4757 .F64 2012
ISBN: 9781614388036
Publication Date: 2012
Summary: "In this memoir of a distilling moment in the history of civil rights, Barrett Foerster writes about the summer he spent in the South as a law student in 1965 as part of a research team searching for evidence of racial bias in rape cases with convictions resulting in the death penalty. Specifically, he and his fellow law students navigated tense and, at times, violent threats in order to conduct undercover research on these cases as part of a larger study on capital punishment. This study was later a key component of a landmark Supreme Court case Furman v. Georgia, which resulted in a moratorium on executions throughout the country"-- Provided by publisher

Cover Art
The techno-human shell : A jump in the evolutionary gap - Joseph Carvalko
Call Number: RD132 .C5 2012
ISBN: 9781620061657
Publication Date: 2012
Author is adjunct faculty at QUSL. Description: Medical technology now verges on incorporating computers with the computational power of the famous Watson IBM computer and Internet-like communications directly into our anatomy. As the size and complexity of computers spiral downward, the wholesale use of these devices (as well as RFID-type technology) will become as common as a present vaccine. These initiatives will extend lifetimes, keep us younger longer and enhance our intelligence. Related to this development is the eventual merging of synthetic DNA and artificial intelligence that will bring new diagnostics, medical treatment and smart nano-prosthetics well within the horizon of the next generation. A prosthetic genome hastens the day when enhanced life forms, such as human organs, can be made entirely from a fusion of living organisms and non-living materials. From the publisher.

Cover Art
Torts : a contemporary approach - Meredith J. Duncan and Ronald Turner
Call Number: KF1250 .D86 2012
ISBN: 9780314280237
Publication Date: 2012
Contents: Introduction and overview -- Intentional torts -- Defenses to intentional torts -- Negligence -- Causation -- Defenses (and partial defenses) to negligence actions -- Advanced topics in negligence actions -- Strict liability -- Tort damages -- Wrongful death and survival -- Joint tortfeasors -- Immunities -- Vicarious liability -- Nuisance -- Products liability -- Defamation -- Privacy

Cover Art
Trafficking in slavery's wake : law and the experience of women and children - Benjamin N. Lawrance and Richard L. Roberts, editors
Call Number: HQ281 .T7179 2012
ISBN: 9780821420027
Publication Date: 2012
Contents: Introduction : Contexualizing trafficking in women and children in Africa / Benjamin N. Lawrance and Richard L. Roberts -- Trafficking and reenslavement : the social vulnerability of women and children in nineteenth-century East Africa / Elisabeth McMahon -- "Without the slave trade, no recruitment" : from slave trading to "migrant recruitment" in the lower Congo, 1830-90 / Jelmer Vos -- The end of slavery, "crises" over trafficking, and the colonial state in the French Soudan / Richard L. Roberts -- "Under the guise of guardianship and marriage" : mobilizing juvenile and female labor in the aftermath of slavery in Kayes, French Soudan, 1900-1939 / Marie Rodet -- Sex trafficking, prostitution, and the law in colonial British West Africa, 1911-43 / Carina Ray -- Islamic law and trafficking in women and children in the Indian Ocean world / Bernard K. Freamon -- Trafficking and human exploitation in international law, with special reference to women and children in Africa / Jean Allain -- Documenting child slavery with personal testimony : the origins of antitrafficking NGOs and contemporary neo-abolitionism / Benjamin N. Lawrance -- Child-trafficking policymaking between Africa and Europe / Margaret Akullo -- The story of Elsie : a case study of trafficking in contemporary South Africa / Susan Kreston -- Ranking states : tracking the state effect in West African antitrafficking campaigns / Liza Stuart Buchbinder -- Afterword : the paradox of women, children, and slavery / Kevin Bales and Jody Sarich

Cover Art
Transitions: legal change, legal meanings - Austin Sarat, editor
Call Number: K487.P65 T73 2012
ISBN: 9780817356903
Publication Date: 2012
Contents: Midnight deregulation / Jack M. Beermann -- Commentary : judicial review of midnight deregulation / Heather Elliott -- Midnight rulemaking and congress / Nina Mendelson -- Commentary : is there a silver lining to midnight mischief? / William L. Andreen -- Reconstructing the Republic : the great transition of the 1860s / Akhil Reed Amar, Lindsey Ohlsson Worth, and Joshua Alexander Geltzer -- Commentary : ordinary and extraordinary transitions / Paul Horwitz -- Transitional disclosures : what transitional justice reveals about "law" / David Gray -- Commentary : power, paradigms, and legal prescriptions : "the rule of law" as a necessary but not sufficient condition for transitional justice / Meredith Render -- Global transitions, new perspectives on legality, and judicial review / Ruti Teitel -- Commentary : comment on professor Ruti Teitel's "global transitions, new perspectives on legality and judicial review" / Daniel H. Joyner, contributors

Cover Art
Understanding Islamic law: Sharīʻa - Raj Bhala
Call Number: KBP144 .B49 2011
ISBN: 1422417484
Publication Date: 2011
Contents: Muhammad (PBUH) before prophethood (570/571-610 A.D.) -- Muhammad (PBUH) as prophet (610-632 A.D.) -- Holy quran (610-650 A.D.) : revelation, compilation, and tenets -- Caliphs of Mecca and Medina (Rashidun) (632-661 A.D.) -- Umayyad Caliphate (661-750 A.D.) -- Abbasid Caliphate (750-1258 A.D.) -- The crusades (1095-1272 A.D.) -- Sunni-Shiite split (632-680 A.D.) -- Shiism and its IMBMS (680-940 A.D.) -- Ottoman Turkish empire (11th Century 1923 A.D.) -- Moghul Indian empire (1504-1857 A.D.) -- Fundamental sources : holy quran and sunnah -- Secondary sources : [JMA AND QIYBS] -- Controversial additional sources -- Five pillars of Islam -- Four sunnite schools of Islamic law -- Islam and capitalist economic growth -- Property law : ownership and property -- Property law : public property, private property, and possession -- Property law : protecting and restricting private ownership -- Contract law : general principles and contract information -- Contract law : types and contracts -- Contract law : performance, terms, and remedies -- Business associations law : traditional types of partnership -- Business associations law : modern partnerships and agricultural ventures -- Banking law : risk (GHARAR) -- Banking law : interest (RIBB)...

Cover Art
Understanding labor law - Douglas E. Ray, Calvin William Sharpe, Robert N. Strassfeld
Call Number: KF3369 .R388 2011
ISBN: 1422470261
Publication Date: 2011
Contents: The National Labor Relations Board -- The at-will doctrine, exceptions and their limits -- Selecting a bargaining representative : the right to organize and the representation election -- Employer domination and assistance -- Picketing and striking for recognition -- Collective bargaining and the exclusive representative -- Duration of union's status as bargaining representative -- Strikes -- Lockouts -- Secondary boycotts -- Consumer picketing and handbilling -- Enforcement of the collective bargaining agreement -- Federal preemption of state regulation -- Reconciling labor law and the antitrust laws -- Protecting the individual in a union and nonunion environment -- NLRA regulation of the relationship between the individual worker and the union -- Labor law issues in the global economy

Cover Art
We Were Beautiful Once, Chapters from a Cold War - Joseph Carvalko
Call Number: PS3603.C27 W4 2013
ISBN: 1620061716
Publication Date: 2013
Author is adjunct faculty at QUSL. Description: Historical with alienation and psychological trauma consequent to war, not only among combatants, but their loved ones. From the publisher.

Cover Art
Work law : cases and materials - Marion G. Crain, Pauline T. Kim, Michael Selmi
Call Number: KF3455 .C73 2010
ISBN: 1422478955
Publication Date: 2010
Contents: Origins -- The contemporary era : Shifts in the demographics and structure of work -- Contracting for individual job security -- Public policy protections for individual job security -- Collective job security -- Employee mobility -- Dignitary interests -- Employee voice -- Employment discrimination law -- The regulation of wages and hours -- Health and pension plans-ERISA regulation-- Health and safety -- Arbitration of workplace disputes-- Employer initiatives


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