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New Law Library Acquisitions - October 2013  

Selected new titles added to the Law Library's collection in October 2013.
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100 plus pointers for new lawyers on adjusting to your job - Sharon Meit Abrahams
Call Number: KF300 .A752 2012
ISBN: 1614386595
Publication Date: 2012
Contents: Orienting to your new law firm -- Using technology wisely -- Maintaining collegial interactions -- Dealing with administrative matters -- Understanding and addressing finances -- Maximizing client relationships -- Focusing on marketing and business development -- Addressing tactics and tools

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ABA legal guide to fashion design - David H. Faux, editor
Call Number: KF3086 .A93 2013
ISBN: 9781627223195
Publication Date: 2013
Contents: Trademark creation -- Brand protection -- Fashion and copyright law -- Design patent -- Internet law -- Forming your business -- Funding in fashion -- Employment law -- The runway -- Manufacturing -- Fashion licensing

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ABA standards for criminal justice. Law enforcement access to third party records - American Bar Association, sponsoring body
Call Number: KF1263.C65 A744 2013
ISBN: 9781627221672
Publication Date: 2013
Summary:"...The "black letter" Standards contained and discussed in this publication relate to law enforcement investigatory access to, and storage and disclosure of, records maintained by institutional third parties." From the publisher.

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Advocacy words : a thesaurus - William Drennan
Call Number: K50 .D74 2013
ISBN: 9781627222242
Publication Date: 2013
Summary:"...This expanded third edition of Advocacy Words: A Thesaurus is 27 percent longer than the first edition, with words arranged alphabetically in two groups: favorable-critical (Part One) and critical-favorable (Part Two). You need only look in one column and see the corresponding advocacy word or words in the opposite column." From the publisher

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Constitutional law - Jerome A. Barron
Call Number: KF4550 .B28 2013
ISBN: 9780314281937
Publication Date: 2013
Contents: Pt. 1. The allocation of governmental power : national and state -- Judicial review -- National legislative powers -- State power in american federalism -- Congress and executive power -- Pt. 2. Individual rights and liberties : constitutional limitations on governmental power -- Historical perspectives -- Due process of law -- Equal protection -- Freedom of expression -- Freedom of religion -- State action -- Congressional legislation in aid of civil rights and liberties

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Constitutional law : leading cases - Jesse H. Choper, Richard H. Fallon, Jr.
Call Number: KF4549 .C653 2012
ISBN: 9780314281180
Contents: Nature and scope of judicial review -- National legislative power -- Distribution of federal powers : separation of powers -- State power to regulate -- Substantive protection of economic interests -- Protection of individual rights : due process, the bill of rights, and nontextual constitutional rights -- Freedom of expression and association -- Freedom of religion -- Equal protection -- The concept of state action -- Congressional enforcement of civil rights -- Limitations on judicial power and review

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Contract Law and Legal Methods - Daniel S. Markovits
Call Number: KF801.A7 M37 2012
ISBN: 9781599414454
Publication Date: 2012-06-15
Summary: The book proposes a fundamentally new way of teaching contract law: it simultaneously presents a more systematic and coherent elaboration of contract doctrine than other contacts casebooks and develops a more rigorous interdisciplinary approach to thinking about law generally. The aim of the book is to present a doctrinally integrated, interdisciplinary approach to contract law in a rigorous, open, and systematic fashion. This casebook replaces the conventional approach with an effort to elaborate the doctrinal structure of contract law in an orderly way and, at the same time, to introduce students in a systematic way to a wide range of methods of legal analysis. The materials in the book therefore present a holistic account of contract law, in which doctrines from various areas of the law are linked together, and the relations among them explained. The explanations sound both in traditional doctrinal legal analysis and in ideas taken from economics, sociology, and philosophy. From the publisher.

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Criminal procedure and the Constitution : leading Supreme Court cases and introductory text - Jerold H. Israel
Call Number: KF9618 .I87 2012
ISBN: 9780314281234
Publication Date: 2012
Contents: An introduction to the "criminal justice process" -- The nature and scope of Fourteenth Amendment due process; the applicability of the Bill of Rights to the states -- Arrest, search and seizure -- Police "encouragement" and the defense of entrapment -- The right to counsel, transcripts and other aids:; poverty, equality and the adversary system -- Police interrogation and confessions -- Lineups, showups and other pre-trial identification procedures -- Investigation by subpoena -- Pretrial release -- The decision whether to prosecute Screeningnng the prosecutor's decisions to charge -- Speedy trial and other speedy disposition -- The duty to disclose -- Guilty pleas -- Trial by jury -- Fair trial free press -- The role of counsel -- The trial -- Retrials -- Sentencing procedures

Cover Art
Criminal procedure : cases, problems and exercises, investigative processes - Russell L. Weaver
Call Number: KF9619 .C748 2013
ISBN: 9780314279439
Publication Date: 2013
Contents: Introduction to the criminal justice process -- Fourteenth amendment due process : incorporation and retroactivity -- The right to counsel -- Arest, search & seizure -- Entrapment -- Police interrogations & confessions -- Identification procedures -- Eavesdropping and wiretapping -- The exclusionary rule -- Introduction to the adversary system -- Pretrial release -- Prosecutorial discretion -- Preliminary proceedings -- Grand juries -- Joinder and severance -- Speedy trial -- Discovery and disclosure -- Guilty pleas -- Jury trials -- Freedom of the press and fair trials -- Sentencing -- Double jeopardy -- Appeals -- Collateral remedies

Cover Art
Criminal Procedure - Joshua Dressler; George C. Thomas
Call Number: KF9619 .D74 2013
ISBN: 9780314279514
Publication Date: 2012
Contents: United States Constitution (selected provisions) -- Table of Supreme Court justices -- The criminal process : failures, choices, and legitimacy -- Fourth amendment : an overview -- Passing the threshold of the Fourth amendment -- The substance of the Fourth amendment -- Remedies for Fourth amendment violations -- Confessions : the voluntariness requirement -- Police interrogation : the self-incrimination clause -- Police interrogation : the sixth amendment right to counsel -- Entrapment -- Eyewitness identification procedures -- The role of defense counsel

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Federal Civil Rules Supplement 2011-2012 : for use with all civil procedure casebooks - A. Benjamin Spencer
Call Number: KF8841 .S63 2011
ISBN: 9780314275257
Publication Date: 2011
Summary: This supplement provides a compact and concise compendium of all of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure currently in effect. It also includes the U.S. Constitution and key provisions of title 28 of the United States Code. The supplement's small size and text limited to the body of rules and statutes make it a convenient resource for students in civil procedure and complex litigation courses needing quick and easy access to relevant statutory provisions during class or for their studies or exams. From the publisher.

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Forming a more perfect union : a history of the Uniform Law Commission - Robert A. Stein
Call Number: KF165 .S74 2013
Publication Date: 2013
Contents: In the beginning: 1786-1900 -- A new century and a time of growth: 1901-1930 -- The Uniform Partnership Act and other uniform business entity acts -- Through a depression and a second world war into a time of triumph: 1931-1960 -- The Uniform Commercial Code -- A time of continuing great achievements: 1961-1970 -- The Uniform Probate Code and other uniform trust and estate acts -- Into a second century: 1991-2013 -- Uniform family law acts -- An international outreach -- Offices, executive staff and operations -- Relations with older organizations -- Culture and personalities -- Federalism

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An island's law : a bibliographical guide to Ireland's legal past - W.N. Osborough
Call Number: KDK156 .O82 2013
ISBN: 9781846824166
Publication Date: 2013
Contents: Recent writing on Irish legal history (1986) -- Recent writing on Irish legal history (2008) -- Further writing on Irish legal history (2012)

Cover Art
Reading law : the interpretation of legal texts - Antonin Scalia & Bryan A. Garner
Call Number: K290 .S28 2012
ISBN: 9780314275554
Publication Date: 2012
Summary: In this groundbreaking book, Scalia and Garner systematically explain all the most important principles of constitutional, statutory, and contractual interpretation in an engaging and informative style - with hundreds of illustrations from actual cases. Is a burrito a sandwich? Is a corporation entitled to personal privacy? If you trade a gun for drugs, are you "using a gun" in a drug transaction? The authors grapple with these and dozens of equally curious questions while explaining the most principled, lucid, and reliable techniques for deriving meaning from authoritative texts. Meanwhile, the book takes up some of the most controversial issues in modern jurisprudence. The authors write with a well-argued point of view that is definitive yet nuanced, straightforward yet sophisticated. - From the publisher

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Search and seizure - John Wesley Hall, Jr
Call Number: KF9630 .H3 2013
ISBN: 0769888445
Publication Date: 2013
Contents: Volume 1. Analyzing search and seizure problems -- Privacy and trespass -- Standing to object to a search -- The third-party doctrine and informational privacy -- Probable cause -- The history and purpose of the exclusionary rule -- The good faith exception to the exclusionary rule -- Other questions of application of the exclusionary rule -- The fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine and inevitable discovery -- Independent state grounds -- Consent searches -- Plain view, hearing, smell, and feel -- Dogs and mechanical sniffers -- Open fields -- Curtilage -- Searches in other areas open to others or the public -- Private searches -- Abandonment -- Exigent circumstances in general -- Terry stop and frisk --
Volume 2. Search incident to arrest -- Vehicle stops and seizures -- Vehicle searches -- Premises -- Business and professional offices -- First amendment rights -- Arrest and other seizures of persons -- Warrantless entries to arrest -- Searches of persons, an overview -- Body and strip searches -- Urine, blood, and DNA testing -- Prisoners -- Parolees and probationers and as a condition of pretrial release -- Border stops and searches -- Immigration stops and searches -- Vessels -- Mail and packages -- Luggage and other personal containers -- Inventory -- Airports and bus and train stations -- Electronic surveillance (non-Title III) -- Administrative and regulatory searches and seizures -- Foreign searches and seizures -- National security searches and seizures -- Special needs of government -- School searches -- Area -entry searches -- Subpoena duces tecum -- Documents -- Computers and other electronic devices -- Military searches and seizures -- Warrant requirement in general -- Neutral and detached magistrate requirement -- Applications for warrants -- Particularity requirement -- Challenging truthfulness of application for warrant, the Franks doctrine -- Conduct and scope of searches and execution of warrants -- Return of and access to the search warrant papers -- Litigating the motion to suppress -- Crimes and ethics of interfering with arrest and search -- Appellate review -- Post-conviction review -- Civil and other remedies -- Federal rules of criminal procedure -- Forms for complaint, arrest, search and seizure, and tracking order


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