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New Law Library Acquisitions - January 2012  

Selected titles added to the Law Library's collection in January 2012.
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New Titles

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The attorney-client privilege in civil litigation: protecting and defending confidentiality - editors, Vincent S. Walkowiak, Stephen M. McNabb, Oscar Rey Rodriguez
Call Number: KF8959.A7 A935 2012
ISBN: 1614381569
Content: An overview of the attorney-client privilege when the client is a corporation / Vincent S. Walkowiak -- The attorney-client privilege : a practical guide for corporate counsel / Michael A. Koerzer, Eileen K. Sorabella -- Perspectives on the attorney-client privilege and the work-product doctrine / Allan Kanner, Tibor Nagy -- Confidentiality and its relationship to the attorney-client privilege / Arthur Garwin -- Preserving candor between lawyers and clients : the hidden danger from "exceptions" to the attorney-client privilege / Kenneth A. Hindman, M. Colston Jones -- Protection of attorney-client privilege and work product in the electronic disclosure era / Laurie A. Weiss -- Communications between attorneys and putative class members / Allan Kanner, Tibor Nagy -- Communications between related corporations and the attorney-client privilege / Oscar Rey Rodriguez, Vincent S. Walkowiak -- Federal courts' application of the work-product doctrine to non-parties / Christina M. Jones, J. Tracey Walker, IV -- Applying the attorney-client privilege to investigations involving attorneys : what is fair game in discovery? / David E. Bland, Scott G. Johnson -- Protecting the attorney-client privilege during an internal investigation / Michael Docketerman -- Contacting employees, former employees, and other witnesses currently or formerly affiliated with the opposing party--conflict between the permissive scope of fact investigation and protection of attorney-client communication / Vincent S. Walkowiak -- Discovery of the non-testifying in-house expert assigned to litigation / Ann Marie Mortimer -- Loss of attorney-client privilege through inadvertent disclosure of privileged documents / Vincent S. Walkowiak, Thomas J. Leach -- Putting attorneys on the witness stand and their advice at issue : the perils of selective waiver of privilege / Alan J. Martin, Demetrios G. Metropoulos, Nicole J. Highland -- The application of the attorney-client privilege and the work-product doctrine to communications between insureds and insurance carriers / Kirk A. Pasich -- Attorney-client privilege and work product immunity in patent litigation/ Michael Edward McCabe, Jr. -- A second look at privilege and confidentiality in the reinsurance arena / John W. Thornton, Jane Thornton Mastrucci, Cynthia Harrison Ruiz -- The joint defense privilege : an illusion or a magic wand? / Jeffrey J. Carlson -- The scope and use of the attorney-client privilege in the United States and its applicability to communications in the United States and abroad / Christopher Scott D'Angelo -- Application of attorney-client privilege and work-product doctrine in insurance coverage litigation / Louis Sey Zimmerman -- Preserving the attorney-client privilege and work-production protections afforded to communications with experts : be careful of what you say and to whom you say it / David E. Bland, Gerardo Alcazar

Cover Art
Cloud computing for lawyers - Nicole Black ; foreword by Richard Susskind
Call Number: KF242.A1 B575 2012
ISBN: 1616328843
Contents: Introduction -- Defining cloud computing -- Why cloud computing is the future -- The benefits and risks of cloud computing -- Ethical implications of cloud computing in law practice / Stephanie Kimbro -- Privacy laws and security considerations -- Implementing cloud computing into your law practice -- Cloud computing applications for your law practice -- Conclusion -- Appendix A. Cloud computing definitions, service and deployment models -- Appendix B. Transformative events that altered our culture : air conditioning, the automobile, and the interstate highway system -- Appendix C. Cloud computing compared to the electronic grid -- Appendix D. Chronology of legal technology 1841-1995 -- Appendix E. Cost analysis of SaaS and traditional legal practice management software -- Appendix F. Cloud-based lgeal practice management systems -- Appendix G. Cloud-based legal billing systems -- Appendix H. Sample terms of service -- Appendix I. Sample privacy policy -- Appendix J. Sample service level agreement

Cover Art
Colonial law in America : crime and punishment - Robert M. Reed
Call Number: KF387 .R44 2011
ISBN: 0764337807
Contents: Adultery -- Babbling women -- Blasphemy -- Burglary -- Cursing -- Debtors -- Drunkenness -- Guns to church -- Horse stealing -- Idleness -- Indians -- Liars -- Punishment -- Rogues -- Sabbath breakers -- Schooling -- Scolding -- Slavery -- Spinning and weaving -- Stealing -- Taverns -- Thanksgiving -- Tobacco -- Voting -- Witchcraft -- Other crimes and laws -- Historic sites

Cover Art
Congress and the politics of national security - editors, David P. Auerswald, Colton C. Campbell
Call Number: KF4850 .C66 2012
ISBN: 1107006864
Contents: Machine generated contents note: Part I. Historical and Institutional Challenges: 1. Congress and national security David P. Auerswald and Colton C. Campbell; 2. Congress and U.S. foreign policy: an overview Robert David Johnson; 3. Institutional challenges confronting congress post 9/11: partisan polarization and effective oversight Mark J. Oleszek and Walter J. Oleszek; Part II. Oversight Challenges: 4. Congress and defense Pat Towell; 5. Congress and homeland security Timothy Balunis and William Hemphill; 6. Congress and intelligence Loch K. Johnson; 7. Congress and foreign aid Susan B. Epstein; Part III. Policy Challenges: Contours and Debate: 8. Enemy combatant detainees Harvey Rishikof and Bernard Horowitz; 9. Arms control David P. Auerswald; 10. National security surveillance Louis Fisher

Cover Art
Connecticut insurance law - Michael S. Taylor, Karen L. Dowd and Brendon P. Levesque
Call Number: KFC3791.A43 T5 2011
ISBN: 1576254852
Contents: Contents: Principles of insurance coverage -- Policy interpretation -- Insurance contracts -- Third-party (liability) coverage -- First party (life and property) coverage -- Uninsured and underinsured motorist's coverage -- Excess and umbrella coverage -- Reinsurance -- Litigation of coverage disputes -- Allocation and primacy issues -- Agents and brokers

Cover Art
Constitution 3.0 : freedom and technological change - Jeffrey Rosen, Benjamin Wittes, editors
Call Number: KF4550 .C569 2011
ISBN: 0815722125
Contents: Introduction: technological change and the constitutional future / Jeffrey Rosen -- Is the Fourth Amendment relevant in a technological age? / Christopher Slobogin -- Use restrictions and the future of surveillance law / Orin S. Kerr -- Cyberthreat, government network operations, and the Fourth Amendment / Jack Goldsmith -- The deciders : Facebook, Google, and the future of privacy and free speech / Jeffrey Rosen -- Is filtering censorship? : the second free speech tradition / Tim Wu -- A mutual aid treaty for the Internet / Jonathan Zittrain -- Neuroscience and the future of personhood and responsibility / Stephen J. Morse -- Cognitive neuroscience and the future of punishment / O. Carter Snead -- Reproductive rights and reproductive technology in 2030 / John A. Robertson -- The problems and possibilities of modern genetics : a paradigm for social, ethical, and political analysis / Eric Cohen and Robert P. George -- Endowed by their creator? : the future of constitutional personhood / James Boyle -- Innovation's darker future: biosecurity, technologies of mass empowerment, and the Constitution / Benjamin Wittes -- Epilogue: translating and transforming the future / Lawrence Lessig

Cover Art
Criminal procedure II : from bail to jail - Richard G. Singer
Call Number: KF9619.3 .S56 2012
ISBN: 0735599580
Introduction -- Early decisions about the newly arrested defendant -- Charging decisions -- The grand jury : gathering information and overseeing the prosecutor's charging -- Alternatives to the grand jury : informations and preliminary hearings -- Evidence disclosure (discovery) -- Pleas of guilt and bargained pleas -- The jury -- Double jeopardy -- Speedy trial -- Assistance of counsel -- Sentencing -- Appeals and collateral attack -- Non-criminal remedies for unacceptable lawyering -- Victim's rights

Cover Art
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act : from legislation to implementation to litigation - Susan Berson and Dave Berson
Call Number: KF969.58201 .A2 2012
ISBN: 161438150X
Contents: Banks and savings associations -- The bureau -- Securities and derivatives regulation -- Mortgage loan regulation -- Insurance company regulation -- Additional regulation of large bank holding companies and systemically important nonbanks designated by FSOC -- FDIC receivership : the authority and the process -- Corporate governance of publicly held companies -- Challenging an agency rule -- Additional resources and references

Cover Art
Early neutral evaluation - Wayne D. Brazil
Call Number: KF9084 .B718 2012
ISBN: 1614383146
Contents: Context and theory -- From theory to practice: ENE works -- Comparing ENE with other forms of ADR : factors affecting fit -- Preparing for an ENE session: counsel and client -- An introduction to handling the multiple roles of the neutral evaluator -- A journey through the specifics of the process : detailed guidance at each juncture for neutrals : suggestions for counsel and clients -- Toward developing a framework for addressing ethical issues that neutrals in court sponsored ENE programs might face

Cover Art
Elusive equality : women's rights, public policy, and the law - Susan Gluck Mezey
Call Number: KF4758 .M49 2011
ISBN: 1588267709
Contents: Seeking constitutional equality -- Eliminating gender bias in education -- Securing workplace equality -- Battling sexual harassment at work -- Balancing work and family -- Attaining abortion rights -- Preserving abortion rights -- Is equality still elusive?

Cover Art
Everyday law in biblical Israel : an introduction - Raymond Westbrook, Bruce Wells
Call Number: BM520.52 .W47 2009
ISBN: 0664234976
Contents: Introduction -- Sources -- Litigation -- Status and family -- Crimes and delicts -- Property and inheritance -- Contracts -- Conclusion

Cover Art
Evidence in a nutshell - Paul F. Rothstein, Myrna S. Raeder, David Crump
Call Number: KF8935.Z9 R6 2012
ISBN: 0314278338
Contents: Interpreting the rules and other basics : offers, objections, and the judge's function -- Judicial notice, presumptions, and burdens : substitutes for evidence -- Relevancy, its counterweights, and related exclusionary rules -- A special relevancy vs. counterweights problem area : similar acts, character, propensity -- Privileges -- Witnesses: competency, examination, and impeachment -- Opinions, experts, and scientific evidence -- Hearsay : the basic theory, rationale, and constitutional considerations -- Hearsay rule modifications for admissions and witnesses' prior statements -- Exceptions to the hearsay rule -- Authentication, exhibits, and the best evidence (original writing) rule

Cover Art
The foreign corrupt practices act : a practical guide for multinational general counsel and white collar criminal practitioners - Robert W. Tarun
Call Number: KF9351 .T37 2011
ISBN: 1614380732
Contents: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act -- The FCPA's expansive jurisdiction -- Anti-bribery conventions and global law enforcement efforts -- Board of directors and management responsibilities -- Transaction issues and considerations -- Gifts, travel, lodging, and entertainment -- Charitable donations and political contributions -- Conducting a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigation -- Defending an FCPA investigation -- SEC enforcement actions and DOJ prosecutions -- The United Kingdom Bribery Act 2010

Cover Art
Getting to the rule of law - edited by James E. Fleming
Call Number: K3171 .G48 2011
ISBN: 081472843X
Contents: The rule of law and the importance of procedure / Jeremy Waldron -- The limits of process / Robin West -- A substantive conception of the rule of law : nonarbitrary treatment and the limits of procedure / Corey Brettschneider -- Four puzzles about the rule of law : why, what, where? and who cares? / Martin Krygier -- Separation of powers and the national security state / Benjamin A. Kleinerman -- Judicial oversight, justice, and executive discretion bounded by law / Curtis A. Bradley -- The instability of "executive discretion" / Lionel K. McPherson -- Constitutional theory, the unitary executive and the rule of law / Sotirios A. Barber and James E. Fleming -- Justice on the ground? : international criminal courts and domestic rule of law-building in conflict-affected societies / Jane E. Stromseth -- In defense of imperialism? -- the rule of law and the state-building project / Tom Ginsburg -- Bystanders, the rule of law, and criminal trials / Larry May -- Might still distorts right : perils of the rule of law project / Richard Miller

Cover Art
Globalization and animal law : comparative law, international law and international trade - Thomas G. Kelch
Call Number: K3620 .K45 2011
ISBN: 9041133380
Contents: Exploitation -- Morality, science and the law -- Animal in agriculture -- Animals in science -- Animals in entertainment -- CITES -- The WTO and GATT -- Constitutional protection for animals -- Past, present and future

Cover Art
The handbook on additional insureds - edited by Michael Menapace
Call Number: K1241 .H365 2012
ISBN: 1614381593
Contents: Definitions and comparisons of commonly used titles -- Common provisions -- Hold harmless and indemnification agreements and the obligationt o procure and maintain insurance -- Memorializing additional insured status -- Development of common AI endorsements -- Duty to defend/duty to indemnify -- Scope of coverage -- Subrogation and antisubrogation -- Choice of law; anti-indemnity provisions; insurability of punitive damages -- Notice/late notice -- Limits issues -- Ethical issues for insurance defense counsel -- Additional insured coverage in Canada -- Additional insureds and U.K. law -- Architects and engineers -- Directors' and officers' liability -- Owners, contractors, subcontractors -- Landlord tenant -- Commercial/business auto policy -- Marine and aviation insurance -- Construction wrap -- Vendors/vendees -- Forensic accounting : lessons learned in dealing with additional insureds

Cover Art
Immigration and refugee law and policy - by Stephen H. Legomsky, Cristina M. Rodríguez
Call Number: KF4818 .L43 2009
ISBN: 1599416131
Contents: The immigration debate : goals, strategies, and impact -- Immigration and the Constitution -- Immigrant priorities -- Nonimmigrant priorities -- Exclusion grounds and waivers -- Admission procedure -- Deportability grounds -- Relief from deportability -- Deportation procedure -- Immigration and national security -- Refugees -- Undocumented immigrants -- Citizenship

Cover Art
The law of armed conflict : international humanitarian law in war - Gary D. Solis
Call Number: KZ6385 .S66 2010
ISBN: 0521870887
Contents: Law of armed conflict : international humanitarian law in war. Rules of war, laws of war -- Codes, conventions, declarations, and regulations -- Two world wars and their law of armed conflict results -- Protocols and politics -- Law of armed conflict and international humanitarian law : a framework. Conflict status -- Individual battlefield status -- Law of armed conflict's four core principles -- What is a "war crime"? -- Law of armed conflict and international humanitarian law : battlefield issues. Obedience to orders, the first defense -- Command responsibility and Respondeat Superior -- Ruses and perfidy -- Torture -- Rules of engagement -- Targeting -- Attacks on cultural property -- The 1980 Certain Conventional Weapons Convention -- Gas, biological, and chemical weapons treaties

Cover Art
Legal research guide : patterns and practice - Bonita K. Roberts, Linda L. Schlueter
Call Number: KF240 .R62 2011
ISBN: 1422490394
Contents: Case law research -- United States Constitutional law research -- Federal legislative research -- Federal administrative research -- State Constitutional law research -- State legislative research -- State administrative research -- Secondary source research

Cover Art
Marriage and divorce in a multicultural context : multi-tiered marriage and the boundaries of civil law and religion - edited by Joel A. Nichols
Call Number: K675 .M367 2012
ISBN: 052119475X
Contents: Multi-tiered marriage : reconsidering the boundaries of civil law and religion / Joel A. Nichols -- Pluralism and decentralization in marriage regulation / Brian H. Bix -- Marriage and the law : time for a divorce? / Stephen B. Presser -- Unofficial family law / Ann Laquer Estin -- Covenant marriage laws : a model for compromise / Katherine Shaw Spaht -- New York's regulation of Jewish marriage : covenant, contract, or statute? / Michael J. Broyde -- Political liberalism, Islamic family law, and family law pluralism / Mohammad H. Fadel -- Multi-tiered marriages in South Africa / Johan D. Van der Vyver -- Ancient and modern boundary crossings between personal laws and civil law in composite India / Werner Menski -- The perils of privatized marriage / Robin Fretwell Wilson -- Canadian conjugal Mosaic : from multiculturalism to multi-conjugalism? / Daniel Cere -- Marriage pluralism in the United States : on civil and religious jurisdiction and the demands of equal citizenship / Linda C. McClain -- Faith in law?: diffusing tensions between diversity and equality / Ayelet Shachar -- The frontiers of marital pluralism : an afterword / John Witte Jr. and Joel A. Nichols

Cover Art
Pretrial litigation in a nutshell - by R. Lawrence Dessem
Call Number: KF8900 .D49 2012
ISBN: 0314273964

Cover Art
Property : examples & explanations - Barlow Burke, John S. Myers & Alvina Reckman Myers
Call Number: KF560 .B87 2011
ISBN: 1454802294
Contents: The law of property -- Personal property and possession -- Law of finders and prior possessors -- Bailments -- Good-faith or bona fide purchasers -- Gifts -- Fixtures -- Adverse possession -- Common law estates and present interests -- Future interests -- Special rules of construction -- The rule against perpetuities -- Concurrent ownership -- Marital property -- The landlord and tenant relationship -- Transfers of the lease -- Waste, duty to repair, destruction of leased premises, and security deposits -- Termination and abandonment of the lease -- Achieving habitable premises -- Premises liability of landlords -- The sales contract -- Executory period issues -- Real estate closings -- Post-closing title assurances -- Recording systems, marketable title acts, and title insurance -- Private nuisance -- Creation of easements -- Assignability, scope, and termination of easements -- Real covenants and equitable servitudes : running with the land -- Real covenants and equitable servitudes : common schemes and termination -- Constitutional and statutory constraints on zoning -- Variances, special exceptions, and zoning amendments -- Zoning extended and challenged -- Takings

Cover Art
Public health law - Kenneth R. Wing
Call Number: KF3775.A7 P83 2007
ISBN: 1422406415
Contents: An introduction to public health in the United States -- Basic constitutional principles applicable to the exercise of state authority relating to public health -- Contagious diseases : quarantine and other liberty-restricting responses -- Public health surveillance and medical information privacy -- Tobacco, smoking, and the public's health -- Health promotion and education : encouraging healthy personal behavior -- Firearms and gun control -- (Bio)terrorism

Cover Art
Securing reasonable caseloads : ethics and law in public defense - Norman Lefstein
Call Number: KF9646 .L44 2011
ISBN: 0615543766
Contents: The failure to implement the right to counsel due to excessive caseloads -- The duty of defense programs and lawyers to avoid excessive caseloads -- The detrimental effects and risks of excessive caseloads -- Understanding lawyer behavior : why leadership matters -- Remedies for defenders terminated due to caseload challenges -- Determining costs and staffing needs -- Reducing excessive caseloads through litigation -- Case studies : public defense programs and control of caseloads -- Recommendations : indigent defense structures and litigation strategies

Cover Art
Security interests in personal property : cases, problems, and materials - Steven L. Harris, Charles W. Mooney, Jr
Call Number: KF1049 .H645 2011
ISBN: 159941712X
Contents: Rights of creditors, owners, and purchasers -- Introduction to secured financing -- Establishment and perfection of security interests -- Conflicting claims to collateral -- The scope of Article 9 -- Security interests in rights to payment, investment property, and other intangibles -- Security interests (including the "floating lien") in bankruptcy -- Competing claims to collateral : other priority rules -- Default; enforcement of security interests

Cover Art
Taking liberties : the war on terror and the erosion of American democracy - Susan N. Herman
Call Number: KF9430 .H47 2011
ISBN: 0199782547
Contents: pt. 1. Dragnets and watchlists. The webmaster and the football player ; "Foreign terrorist organizations," humanitarians, and the First Amendment ; Charity at home ; Traveling with terror ; Banks and databanks -- pt. 2. Surveillance and security. Gutting the Fourth Amendment ; The Patriot Act and library/business records ; Gagging the librarians ; John Doe and the national security letter ; The President's surveillance program -- pt. 3. American Democracy. Losing out checks and balances : the president, the Congress, and the courts -- Conclusion

Cover Art
Trial : advocacy before judges, jurors, and arbitrators - Roger Haydock, John Sonsteng
Call Number: KF8915 .H379 2011
ISBN: 0314262695
Contents: . The advocate -- 2. Planning and preparation -- 3. Trial procedures and motions -- 4. Evidence and objections -- 5. Jury selection -- 6. Opening statement -- 7. Direct examination -- 8. Exhibits -- 9. Cross-examination -- 10. Experts -- 11. Summation -- 12. Verdict and appeal

Cover Art
Unjust enrichment : a study of private law and public values - Hanoch Dagan
Call Number: K920 .D34 1997
ISBN: 052158468X
Contents: 1. Prologue -- 2. Theory -- 3. Retrodictions -- 4. Contemporary American law -- 5. Talmudic civil law -- 6. International law -- 7. Epilogue


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